With our highly-qualified employees, various types of rollers are manufactured!


Roller diameters up to: 600 mm
Total roller lengths up to: 6000 mm
Hall crane system: 2 x 5000 Kg

Instandhaltungsservice Technische Analyse Steuerungstechnik

Types of Rollers

  • Aluminium web guide rollers
  • Transport rollers
  • Hardened welding rollers
  • Cutting rollers and –axles
  • Rubber rollers
  • Tooth rollers
  • Heating- and cooling rollers
  • Driving rollers
  • Customized rollers and special formats

Areas of application

  • Plastic- and plastic film industry
  • Packaging
  • Paper- and printing industry
  • Automobile industry

Self-designed rollers

  • Construction by customer’s specifications or by own design
  • Detailed calculations
  • CAD - application